SCI Outdoor Design Center

Formerly known as SCI Water Free Lawns and Putting Greens, was started in 2008. Since that time we have added gazebos, pergolas, pavers, outdoor kitchens and much more. 

SCI Outdoor Design Center was created in order to compliment our construction division: SHERRICK CONSTRUCTION, INC. which has been serving the Denver Metro area for over 40 years. 

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David & Vicki Perry

Denver, CO

We have had our synthetic grass (MG-2000 TT) now for nearly a year. I have to tell you we absolutely love it! This was one of the best additions to our landscape we could have ever made.

We were a bit apprehensive about the synthetic grass as we had a 6-month-old Golden Doodle who loved to dig. We had several places in our yard that had holes where he had already dug. Well I am more than happy to say, he has never even once attempted to dig where the synthetic grass has been installed!

We have 2 other large dogs (Golden Retriever & a Yellow Lab) that frequently visit our home. All 3 dogs will run & play vigorously on the grass with no problems. I also love the fact that there is no more loose dead grass that sticks to the dog fur, which then ends up in our home. No more tracking of dirt in the house from the dogs or people.

I feel it is not only pet friendly but child safe as well. Our 5 & 1 year old grandsons love to play & roll in the grass. We play ball, pitch tents, etc. I don"t have to worry about them being exposed to fertilizer, etc. The dog waste is much easier to pick up. I can rinse off the grass with water & decrease the chance of them being exposed to the dog"s urine as well.

We live on an open space with a walking path where many people walk their dogs. Numerous people have approached the fence & asked how we keep our lawn looking so healthy & beautiful. We often will invite them to come in & much their surprise, they see that it is synthetic grass.

Our dog runs, rolls, chases balls, etc. without any evidence of wear and tear on the grass. Oh & by the way no snakes either!

It is extremely low maintenance. My husband & I both have medical conditions that make yard up keep difficult. We love not having to water, mow, or fertilize our lawn anymore. We love the natural look & feel. Our HOA gave a 100% favorable response.

Water has become more precious, Xeriscaping & conservation of natural resources is becoming environmentally compelling. We feel this is great step toward decreasing our carbon footprint.

We also want to say we have never have worked with such a professional and knowledgeable contractor. You are truly the best! 

Thank you, 
David & Vicki Perry