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Rethink the way you think about artificial grass

Our Mirage Waterless Grass™ lawns have been installed in thousands of residential and commercial locations worldwide, and we have experienced exponential growth during the past few years. Likewise, the growth in the synthetic putting greens market has exploded, which has contributed to our lawn grass products being installed in hospitality greens throughout the world, international hotels and resorts, cruise ships, Harvard University, MIT University, Pulte Homes (one of the largest home builders in America), and Toll Brother (another leading national home builder), just to name a few. Our Waterless Grass products have been featured on several national television shows, including a special segment of HGTV.

An assortment of blended sizes is used to give our synthetic grass a more realistic appearance. As well, spring-set fibers, created from a UV-protected nylon aid in preventing “matting" over time, while a special backing and rubber in-fill method provides a natural feeling.

With our synthetic grass, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long that is virtually maintenance-free. Can you imagine looking out over a professionally manicured green lawn every day, all year long, that doesn"t required any mowing, watering or chemicals?

As the cost of maintaining a yard continues to rise, an increasing number of people are looking for an economical solution and synthetic grass is their answer. Less maintenance results in extensive savings for you and reduced damage to the environment.

Our synthetic grass is safe for children. It doesn"t scratch and there are no more scuffed elbows and knees. No more grass stained clothes after playing in the yard. It is also safe for animals and pets. Clean up is a breeze. Just pick up the waste and then hose off your synthetic lawn"”it"s that easy! Now you can have a dog and a beautiful lawn! No more unsightly holes dug in the yard by your dog.

As a home owner, you know there are plenty of things to keep you busy around the house. The last thing you want to worry about is maintaining your lawn, especially when the average American home owner spends more than 40 hours a year on lawn care.

For a one-time capital improvement expense, our synthetic grass will dramatically lower ongoing lawn costs and increase your property value for years to come.

Non deep sand in-fill turf VERSUS deep sand in-fill turf: Our synthetic grass is non deep sand in-fill turf. Deep sand in-fill turf relies on sand (a lot of sand!) to stand the fibers up on the turf. The fibers on our turf are heat-set to stand on their own. We use sand to weight down the turf, but only a fraction of the amount used by deep sand in-filled turf.

Our products are backed by 5 – 10 year warranties if installed by one of our SCI Certified Installers. 

Our synthetic grass is the green solution for the 21st century.

Many cities and some entire states are requiring immediate conservation measures and forcing residents to become more efficient in their water consumption. Many cities are severely curtailing the times and amounts of water used. Some cities are simply raising their water rates hoping consumers will curtail their use of water. With a water free lawn, there is no watering. A typical single family residence home served by Denver water uses an average of 125,000 gallons of water per year. Of all the water usage, 54% of water is used by landscaping.

Your summer water bill will be a fraction of what you paid in the past. Waterless grass makes for a consistent water bill year round. Spend your money on enhancing your yard, not maintaining it.

EPA Statistics: Gas Mowers represent 5% of the U. S. Air Pollution. Each weekend, about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using 800 million gallons of gas per year and are producing tons of air pollutants. Garden equipment engines, which have had unregulated emissions until very recently, emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, producing up to 5% of the nation"s air pollution and a good deal more in metropolitan areas.

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a traditional gas powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new cars each being driven 12,000 miles.

FACT: One hour of mowing is the equivalent of driving 350 miles in terms of volatile organic compounds.

One gas mower spews 87 lbs. of the greenhouse gas CO2 and 54 lbs. of other pollutants into the air each year.

Over 17 million gallons of gas are spilled each year refueling lawn and garden equipment"”more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez, in the Golf of Alaska.

Unlike most competitors, our lawn grass is specifically:

  • Manufactured to look like REAL grass.
  • Contains various blended blade sizes of grass.
  • Has various color shades.

Our waterless grass allows you to create a low-cost, virtually maintenance-free lawn that is green year-round and requires no mowing, watering, edging, weeding, fertilizers or spraying of toxic chemicals. Our unique synthetic grass simulates many real lawn types and is designed to appeal to a wide range of customers" preferences.

  • Can be cut and sculpted into any space, regardless of size or shape
  • Small sub-base drainage holes built into the backing offer drainage similar to real grass
  • Unique multi-fiber design simulates “real" grass blades
  • UV-protected, polyethylene/polypropylene/nylon spring-set fibers aid in resisting matting while creating a natural appearance
  • All weather surface that can have a life expectancy far exceed written warranty

As the synthetic alternative to natural grass, our water less grass is ideal for every residential or commercial lawn application. To ensure a realistic appearance and feel, our water less grass is designed with the most natural color shades of green possible. A special backing offers a natural texture that is ideal for people and pets alike.

Our soft synthetic grass fibers stand up naturally, but does require a little sand or rubber in-fill to help increase stability at the root of the fibers and assist in weighing down the turf so it doesn"t move or wrinkle. This special in-fill process provides a resilient, natural feel. With basic care and the application of our UV-enhancement treatment, our water less grass can last up to 20 years in most environments.